The backyard by johnston native pen children's book restoration news media.

Local News Media for The Backyard

Two cats looking out of a window.

Complete Silence

Hypnosis with a squirrel is on the deck The squirrel...
Two women signing books at a table.

Book Signing for a Friend

Book Signing Book Signing for a friend
Two women holding up a book in a library.

Children’s Literature Section in the Library

The Backyard in the children's literature section of the library...
Two women taking a selfie in front of a car.

Thank you Angela of The Humane Society of Granville County

Angela from The Humane Society of Granville County with Faye...
Two calico cats sitting on a wooden floor.

Save The Date/ A Book Signing Event

Save The Date A Book Signing Event for The Backyard...
Two cats sitting under a christmas tree.

Enjoying Christmas 2022

Gidget & Tigress under the Christmas tree 2022
A screenshot of a book.

The Backyard is Available

Save the date and save the time for the backyard event.

The Backyard Book Signing Event

Happy new year with fireworks on a black background.

Happy New Year 2023

Happy New Year 2023! May the New Year Bring You...

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